4 Simple Steps to Planning a Custom Staircase Design – Southern Staircase (2024)

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Are you considering enhancing your home or commercial space with a beautiful, custom staircase? Many assume that the custom stairs planning process must be a long, laborious one. We have great news. With the support of our industry-leading team, you can plan a custom staircase design in 4 simple steps!

4 Easy Steps to a Custom Staircase

  1. Finding InspirationPlanning a beautiful staircase begins with inspiration. Whether you have a specific design in mind, are discussing options with a design team, or are browsing staircase galleries for ideas, ask yourself some key questions:
    • What inspires the interior design of your home?
    • What does the physical layout of your home or commercial space allow?
    • Will you be designing custom straight stairs or a curved staircase?
    • Do you prefer closed or open riser treads?
    • What are your thoughts on flared starting steps?
    • What type of baluster system interests you, traditional or modern?

    With endless choices, finding your source of inspiration is the first step to planning your custom staircase design and will help to guide you throughout the process.

  2. Picking Your ProductNow that you have nailed down your inspiration, the next step to custom staircase planning is selecting your product. Our outstanding design team will support you in choosing the type of staircase that willbest bring your inspiration to life.4 Simple Steps to Planning a Custom Staircase Design – Southern Staircase (3)

    Curved Stairs

    Round staircases are a timeless choice, bringing grace and elegance to a space. Flowing seamlessly from one level to the next, round stairs vary in design and are a popular choice for custom stairs. Curved staircases come in many shapes and sizes, from spiral stairs that maximize space to grand arcs that command attention.

    4 Simple Steps to Planning a Custom Staircase Design – Southern Staircase (4)

    Straight Staircases

    Do you prefer clean lines? Custom straight staircases are also a beautiful option. A straight run of stairs between landings, straight staircase layouts include L-shaped, scissor stairs, and those without any changes in direction. Straight staircases offer variety, with styles ranging from traditional to modern and designs from simplistic to very complex.

  3. Determining Your StyleOnce you have decided on a type of custom staircase, the next step is considering the style you wish to convey with the project. Just as every residential or commercial space is unique, each design style offers unique features to accent a space. Four popular design styles include:
    • Craftsman Style
    • Traditional
    • Modern
    • Ornamental Metal
  4. Bringing Your Custom Staircase Vision to LifeFollowing the collaborative design process, your custom staircase order will be placed, and you will receive drawings from our industry-leading design team.Once drawings are approved, you will choose the delivery and installation option that best fits your needs. Our team will take it from there!
    • Delivery Only: Staircase will be crated and shipped to the job site for installation by your trim subcontractor.
    • Delivery + Stair Installation: The staircase will be delivered to the job site and installed by our craftsmen. Loose handrail parts will also be delivered, and your trim subcontractor will handle installation.
    • Delivery + Stair Installation + Pre-fit Handrail: The staircase will be delivered and installed by our expert team, followed by the delivery of a pre-fit handrail system to be installed by your trim subcontractor. In the prefabricated (dry-fit) process, the handrail system is cut to fit and installed on the staircase in our facility, complete with newels, balusters and fittings. The system is then packaged into a kit form for easy installation at the job site.
    • Turnkey Installation: Many clients choose our turnkey installation option, through which our team delivers and installs the complete staircase with pre-fit handrail system. With a single point of contact and a proven project management system, this approach ensures flawless execution and a seamless installation process.

Southern Staircase Knows Custom Staircases

Are you feeling inspired?

Visit ourcurved stairs and straight stairs project galleries for additional details and pictures of our exquisite projects. From inspiration to installation our team is committed to designing and building the highest quality custom staircases. Our reputation speaks for itself and client satisfaction is our highest priority. Contact us today to discuss your next custom staircase project.

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We’ll show you through mastery just howsimple the construction process can be.


4 Simple Steps to Planning a Custom Staircase Design – Southern Staircase (11)

We partner with designers, builders, and architects to design and build custom stair systems for interior and exterior spaces.


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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in this article:

Custom Stairs:

The article mentions custom stairs and the planning process involved in designing them. It states that the custom stairs planning process can be simplified into four steps: finding inspiration, picking the product (type of staircase), determining the style, and bringing the custom staircase vision to life.

Types of Stairs:

The article mentions two types of stairs: curved stairs and straight stairs. Curved stairs are described as a timeless choice that brings grace and elegance to a space, while straight stairs are known for their clean lines and offer a variety of styles ranging from traditional to modern.

Design Styles:

The article mentions four popular design styles for custom staircases: Craftsman Style, Traditional, Modern, and Ornamental Metal. Each design style offers unique features to accent a space and can be chosen based on the overall aesthetic of the residential or commercial space.

Custom Staircase Planning Process:

The article outlines the custom staircase planning process, which involves finding inspiration, selecting the type of staircase, determining the style, and bringing the custom staircase vision to life. It also mentions that after the collaborative design process, the custom staircase order will be placed, and drawings will be provided by the design team. The article further explains the different delivery and installation options available for the custom staircase.

Southern Staircase:

The article mentions Southern Staircase as a company that specializes in designing and building custom stair systems for interior and exterior spaces. It highlights their commitment to designing and building high-quality custom staircases and emphasizes client satisfaction as their highest priority.

Please note that the information provided above is based on the concepts mentioned in this article. If you have any specific questions or need further information, feel free to ask!

4 Simple Steps to Planning a Custom Staircase Design – Southern Staircase (2024)
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