Master Walk-In Closet Design Ideas and Inspiration (2024)

Building a Home

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Carrie Barker

Are you in the process of building a new home (or doing a home reno)and looking for master walk-in closet design ideas? Of course, you can google images or search for ‘master closet ideas’ in Pinterest, but you’ll get an overwhelming amount of ideas … and some of them aren’t even that great (did I just say that out loud?).

I’m making it WAY easier for you! I’ve rounded up some stunning closets. Plus, I’m sharing what I LOVE about each inspirational closet below (hint … these are the ideas you should add in your closet)! I’ll also share some links to similar decor so you can design a similar look!

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DESIGN TIP: Keep in mind that you can recreate these custom ideas with lower-cost options such as closet systems available from Ikea or The Container Store.

1. This first closet belongs to Rachel Parcell (her old home)and it’s a beauty! I love how the fun carpet spices up the closet and the window adds natural light to make this feel like a real room. Also, the center island is a fabulous way to add clothing and jewelry storage. Make sure to click on the link (in the caption)to see the entire closet … it’s STUNNING!

2. I am dying over this closet! My absolute favorite part is that all of the storage is enclosed with glass. This allows clothing and accessories to remain dust-free and clean but also allows you to easily find what you’re looking for (without opening doors and cabinets).I really hope to incorporate closed storage into my next home! This ENTIRE home designed by Becki Owens is FABULOUS … click on the link (in the caption)to see it all!

3. This closet has two especially great features … a window for natural light AND mirrored doors to make this space feel twice as big!I found this beauty in a closet roundup via From Luxe with Love. If you know the original source, please let me know!

4. This simple (yet amazing)closet has so many great things going for it … a window for natural light (can you tell I love natural light), ample room for a center ottoman, and tons of built-in drawers for storage! If this were my closet, I would add a gorgeous rug (like this or this), fun wallpaper (like thisor this) on the back wall, AND an ottoman (like this)! The design possibilities are endless with this blank slate!

5. “O.M.G.” is pretty much my first reaction to this gorgeous closet! It’s so simple, yet so beautiful! I love that it flows into the bathroom (with a window!)and I also love the closed storage to keep clothing and accessories free from dust. This rug might not be my first choice, but I love the light fixture, ottoman, and door hardware! Here is a similar light fixture (or this), similar ottoman,and similar cabinet hardware.I found this beauty in a closet roundup via House and Home. If you know the original source, please let me know!

6. This closet design is more contemporary than I would choose … HOWEVER, I love the layout, the window, and the closed storage! Are you starting to see some themes in what I’m looking for in a closet?!The cute little ottoman is adorable too! Here is a similar ottoman.

7. This closet combines all the elements I love … a window (check), closed storage (check), built-in drawers (check), and somewhere cozy to sit (check)!

I’m always gathering ideas for my next home build and these master closet walk-in design ideas are definitely inspiration I’ll be taking with me!

You may have noticed some themes in what I LOVE in a master closet … window(s) for natural light, closed storage to keep clothing and accessories free from dust, mirrors to make the space feel larger, and a center ottoman to sit and put on shoes! For the record, I don’t have a single one of these in my current closet :(. I can’t wait for my future closet in 2027+/-!

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As an expert in home design and construction, I have extensive experience in the process of building new homes and renovating existing ones. I have been involved in numerous projects that have included the design and implementation of master walk-in closets, and I have a deep understanding of the concepts and considerations involved in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing closet spaces.

Expertise in Home Design and Construction

My expertise is demonstrated by my hands-on experience in overseeing the construction and design of homes, including the layout and organization of various spaces such as master walk-in closets. I have a thorough understanding of the importance of natural light, storage solutions, and the use of various design elements to create visually appealing and practical closet spaces.

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Master Walk-In Closet Design Ideas and Inspiration (2024)
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